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Your first visit with the dentist:

You can expect your first visit with the dentist to be approximately 1 hour long. It will include a thorough exam of your teeth, an oral cancer exam, an assessment of your gum (periodontal) health and an exam of your jaw joint and jaw muscles. Our goal by the end of this first visit is to have a clear understanding of your dental history, to comprehensively diagnose your present oral health condition, and to gain an understanding of any future goals you may have for your teeth and mouth. We will discuss all the information gathered and will explain your treatment options to you. Estimates and expectations will be covered so that you can make decisions that are right for you. We look forward to meeting you.


Your first visit with the hygienist:

This first visit is spent evaluating your gum health, bone loss & recession. We will help you establish an individualized maintenance schedule that will best suit your needs. The dental hygienist will also clean your teeth. We hope that most New Patient Hygiene appointments will be completed during their first visit, however, in order to provide the best service possible, this 1 hour appointment may not be enough time, you may have to return for another visit.


Dental cleanings:

Daily Brushing and flossing are fundamental in maintaining a healthy smile, but there’s more you can do to be proactive about your oral health. Regular dental cleanings are important to keeping teeth and gums in excellent health. Your oral hygiene appointment usually includes scaling your teeth (removing tartar build-up) and polishing the surface (removing minor stains). You may also receive a fluoride treatment to help strengthen your enamel. These visits also provide an opportunity for us to review home care and assist you in ways to maintain oral wellbeing and provide a dental hygiene treatment plan that considers disease prevention to achieve optimal health.


Dental Imaging:

Digital intraoral images are used to help us see the inside of the teeth and bone. These images allow your dentist to find cavities, check the health of the tooth and bone surrounding the tooth, check the status of developing teeth, and monitor the general health of your teeth and jawbone.

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